Custom Business Solutions

PF Software has extensive experience building custom software for specialized, often hard-to-automate businesses. Often off-the-shelf software is too general purpose to truly meet your needs.

We have automated and streamlined the operations of companies in a variety of industries, including distribution, transportation, law enforcement and agriculture. Some examples of businesses that are currently operating on custom solutions include:

  • Authorized Parking Only Ltd
  • Browman Freight Services Inc
  • Burlington Garden Supplies (
  • Hamilton Police Service
  • MC Commercial Inc (GE Appliances Canada)

The diversity of our custom software portfolio demonstrates that our strength lies in our ability to learn your business, understand your workflow and develop software that meets the precise needs of any workplace.

We focus our efforts on getting beneath the surface and beyond the obvious, to understand the true processes and workflows of your unique business. It's a key factor in our approach to software development, and a key reason why PF Software is ideally suited to develop the custom-tailored system that will meet your business needs both now and for the future.

If off-the-shelf software and general purpose productivity tools are holding your business back, contact us to inquire about having PF Software develop the custom system that will truly meet your needs.